About Us

About Us

Our Beginning

Little Lourde Mission Hospital was established in 1956 by late Mgr. Cyriac J Mattathil, who was inspired by the holistic health care at the world famous Grotto of Lourde in France, by the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary. He identified the need for a hospital at his native place, Kidangoor and started it with 12 beds with limited facilities. Just before his death he entrusted this institution to the Visitation Congregation, in the Arch diocese of Kottayam. Hospital is situated on the bank of t he river Meenachil. has now entered its 50th Year of service excellence.

The Hospital at present

With unconditional support and enlightened vision of the General Superiors of Visitation Congregation, the hospital has grown from a 12 bedded hospital to a 300 bed strength multispecialty hospital with two educational programmes viz. Multipurpose Health workers Training Course and General Nursing and Midwifery course. It now  cares for more than 52612 outpatients and almost 20750 inpatients each year.

About 20 departments function round – the – clock in the hospital. Authentic and well experienced, dedicated senior doctors and energetic and enthusiastic junior doctors work as a team to uphold the health care service in our hospital. With self immolated and Christianized charity motivated religious sister nurses, service based staff nurses and student nurses, the nursing service department excels. Committed and skilled paramedical services and other hard working auxiliary services do make the hospital one of the best in central Kerala.


Little Lourdes hospital will be reorganized for its outstanding leadership and unwavering commitment in providing in health care promoting and fostering comprehensive wellnes in the community.Our quality objectives are continually to improve the satisfaction of our patients with regard to the effectiveness of service in meeting the needs of our patients.


Mission of little lourdes hospital is healing through the compassionate love of jesus. Hospital provides healing envirinment for patients and their families,and to improve the quality of life for all members of our community,motivated by its values.In all matters will show a special sensitivity to the culture of the people we serve and the special needs of the opoor and powerless.


Have life in all its fullness through holistic healing.